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300tube Cute Girls Hairstyles   10 October, 2016

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This week you'll come along with us to Sadie Robertson's "Live Original" concert, hear about Kamri's bus crash accident, and watch Daxton and Paisley dance for you!

Since Bailey was recovering from poison ivy, Brooklyn will take you along on her choir trip to OSU and show you around campus. Bailey will tell you what she was doing when she got into poison ivy, and Kamri finds a scorpion in her laundry basket!

We also had another visitor this week, Turtle Donatello! Isn't he so cute? For whatever reason, we are nature attractors! First ducks, then turtles, frogs, toads, baby squirrels, scorpions, tarantulas... and now poison ivy?

It has now been six months since we started these Behind the Braids family vlogs! I guess I've never seen us as family vloggers, but this has been so much fun for us! Vlogging has become a part of us and we are happy that you enjoy them. During that time, Paisley has been watching us closely and has "created" her own vlogging format! In today's vlog, she and Daxton show you a dance they made up!

We also tried out a new family toy, a Segway Minipro (no, this is not a sponsored video). The younger girls want to use it when trick or treating now!

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