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300tube MarVista Entertainment   8 August, 2017

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Four high school friends reunite to uncover the truth behind another friend's death in this suspenseful thriller.

Just before graduating high school, Carly and her closest friends locked their deepest secrets in a time capsule. When one of the girls, Abby, tragically dies the night before graduation, the group is shaken and soon falls out of touch. Ten years later, Carly and the girls return home for their class reunion and find a scavenger hunt Abby created before her death to find the time capsule. The closer Carly gets to finding the capsule, the more she realizes that Abby's death wasn't an accident.

Cast: Kacey Clarke, Jillian Nelson, Johnny Pacar, Bryce Durfee, Anya Engel-Adams, Kayla Ewell


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10 Year Reunion - Official Trailer - MarVista Entertainment