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300tube Bull Brand   7 September, 2016

Download youtube (offensive Jokes) The Death of Comedy (18+ only) mp3,mp4,webm,3gp


In the paper today 06/11/16
(TRIGGER WARNING) do not watch if you are e-silly offended. 

Someone once said that "Comedians are the last bastions of the truth" They say the things we dare not. Now they are under attack from the easily offended and the politically correct morons.

Mike Ward, a Canadian comedian, was recently fine $42, 000 for telling a joke that offended someone. This was a sad day for comedy and major nail in the coffin for free speech.

This video is a celebration of comedians past and present at the edge of their art. 

"He who can not laugh at himself, can only cry at the world around him..." - Damon Kearns