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300tube 3 HMONG TV   19 December, 2016

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We first met Yee Xiong at the Hmong MN New Year celebration in November 2016 and when asked why he didn't wear his Hmong outfit, he says he didn't have anybody to give him one. So we decided that we would help this gentleman out. We thought Christmas would be the perfect time to give him this gift so with a little bit of help, we were able to learned a whole lot more about Yee and his family. A big thank you to Lee Pao Xiong at Concordia University for his assistance on this story. Filed by 3HMONGTV. Additional camera by Churr Vang.  Thanks to Quench and Nao Cha Moua Investment for their generous donations.  Also thanks to HBC crew for their financial contributions and time. 

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