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300tube Crimson Xasthur   5 December, 2012

Download youtube White Lion - Set me Free mp3,mp4,webm,3gp

band : white Lion
year: 2008
Album : Return to the Pride

*** my dedication is to vicki, dear friend over so many years, may your life bring you much deserved happiness in whichever path you may choose, i miss you dearly these days and we parted without notice or even a word to one another, i hope that you find your happiness and enjoy the coming holidays this season for this shall be the first one we do not communicate in some manner or shape or form, you had always been such a great and big part of my channels and you left a deep hole behind, be well dearest friend wherever you might be, i love you my dear friend, and miss you too,

and thus the v and v team which had held like glue for so very long was undone as we had set one another free.. \../  

The band i had seen perform live so many numerous times, i would venture to say with the ticket stubs i keep for all the concerts ive attended if i were to do a count, it would be 12 times ive seen them live, im happy they were able to carry on albeit just with Mike Tramp, if you ever seen them perform live in L' amour's with the original band members.. Vito, you would know just how amazing this band truly was on stage when together \../

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