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300tube Yummylicious   8 September, 2017

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Subway... One of the most requested recipe.. 
Since Subway bakes their own bread, it was very important for us as well to show you how to make a subway sandwich at home from scratch. This is another howtobasic video of bread. In this video I'm making Parmesan Oregano Bread, which is the basic italian white bread with parmesan oregano sprinkle on the top. 
I have made Corn & Peas as it was most requested but I have got many requests as well.
Here is the details of ingredients : 
Serves 2-3 
- All Purpose flour (2 cups)
( You must be wondering if subway uses all purpose flour then how come its healthy, not its not as healthy as they advertise. If you read the ingredient list it has wheat flour but it is enriched and bleached which we purchase as all purpose flour. After researching a lot, I came to a conclusion that even whole wheat bread consists of both whole wheat flour and all purpose flour)
- Vital Wheat Gluten (1 Tbsp) ( Optional ) (alternative : bread flour)
( This is my 4th attempt of getting this recipe perfect. Before this I use to skip this ingredient and the bread use to be a bit dense. So I wanted to buy bread flour but it is not easily available so I started searching for options and I came across VITAL WHEAT GLUTEN which is nothing but protein which enhances and makes the bread very soft.
I said this ingredient as optional as it is not available easily so you can skip it but you won't get the exact subway bread feeling. I bought it from amazon.)
- Sugar (1 Tsp)
- Salt to taste
- Mix well
- Instant Yeast (1 and 1/4 tsp)
( if you have active dry yeast, read the back of the package. You need 1 and half tsp active dry yeast. Put yeast, sugar and warm water in a container. Let it sit for 5-10 min or until its foamy or bubbly and then you can follow the rest of the procedure as shown in video)
- Lukewarm water (3/4 Cup)
- Oil (1/4 Cup)
- Start mixing the dough
- The dough should be very soft and sticky
( Add more water if you dough becomes stiff)
- On the counter, sprinkle flour
- Knead to form a very soft dough
( Use as little flour as possible, the dough should remain very soft yet should not stick to the surface )
- Knead the dough for 8 - 10 min.
( Kneading helps to form Gluten which helps to capture CO2 released by yeast, in return helps in rising)
- Make a ball
- Take a bigger bowl and oil it well
- Oil the dough as well so that it does not dry out
- Cover it and let it sit in a warm place for atleast 2-3 hours. 
- You will notice that the dough rises double its size.
- Inflate the dough by punching it to remove the alcohol formed during the rise of dough. 
- Lightly flour the surface. 
- Divide the dough
( You can divide in 3 equal portions but I divided in 1 bigger and 1 smaller so I got 2 sandwiches from a bigger one and 1 from smaller just like footlong and 6" )
- Roll the balls into cylindrical shapes.
- Ideally if you see in subway they have baguette tray for making the dough rise in an specific direction. Since its not easily available, I have made a jugaad which works really well. 
- I have placed 3 rolls ( you can place aluminium foil rolls or parchment paper or cling wrap rolls )
- Place a cotton towel on it
- Sprinkle flour
- Carefully rest the dough balls for another 45 min. 
- You will notice that it has increased in size. 
- After 45 min, place it on the baking tray. 
Parmesan Oregano Sprinkle :
- Garlic powder (1/2 tbsp)
- Salt (1/4 Tsp)
- Oregano (1 tsp)
- Basil (1/2 Tsp)
- Parmesan Cheese (2 Tbsp)
- Mix it very well.
- Sprinkle water on the dough
( helps to stick better)
- Put parmesan oregano seasoning
- Score (cut) the bread
- Preheat Oven at 180C. Bake at 180C for 20 - 25 min 
( If you see the top of the bread is browning rapidly after 12-15 min then you can cover it with aluminum foil)
- Apply cold butter
- Wrap a towel and let it cool ( Steam makes it softer)
- Cut the bread to open it up ( Start cutting by putting knife at 45 degree angle)
Corn & Peas : 
- Mayonnaise (1/4 cup)
- Boiled Corn Kernels (1/4 Cup)
- Boiled Green Peas (1/4 Cup)
- Diced Carrots (3 Tbsp)
- Salt & Pepper
- Cut cheese slices in half and arrange it for maximum coverage. 
- Put it in Oven at highest temp until cheese melts (abt 5 min)
- Put corn n peas mixture. 
- Shredded Ice berg lettuce.
- Sliced Tomatoes, Onions, Capsicum
- Burger slices/ pickled cucumber
- Olives and Jalapenos
- Add sauces : 
Southwast Chipotle
Sweet Onion
Harissa Mayo
Chilli Sauce
Close and enjoy this super duper fresh sandwich.

 Thank you for your encouragement, that truly means a lot.
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