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300tube ADVChina   24 October, 2016

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They own multimillion-dollar properties, go on designer shopping sprees and even star in their own reality TV show, Ultra Rich Asian Girls.

Chelsea, Pam and Diana are the children of China's elite, and they're stirring envy and anger as they live the high life in Vancouver.

The girls are what is known as "fuerdai", or rich, second-generation Chinese. They have become notorious for their extravagant antics, from crashing sports cars to burning wads of cash.

Many of the fuerdai are spending their families' wealth in North American cities, purchasing high-end real estate. 

We see Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and supercars everyday here in China. But with a per person GDP that is lower than Mexico, how can people afford it? We discuss China's Fuerdai, or the super rich. Young, second generation rich Chinese people are known for flaunting their wealth, buying expensive cars, and traveling abroad. 

Hop on and find out!

Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

Every week, we take you to a new place in China on our bikes, cover a topic, and reply to your questions.

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