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300tube PhilosophyInsights   16 July, 2017

Download youtube Peter Thiel: Obamas Administration is Worse Than Marxism mp3,mp4,webm,3gp


Peter Thiel is an American entrepreneur, political activist, and author. He was ranked No. 4 on the Forbes Midas List of 2014, with a net worth of $2.2 billion. He co-founded PayPal. He also was part of Donald Trumps transition team.

You can find Peter Thiels book "The Diversity Myth" here:

Complete Video from C-Span 2013 quoted under fair use:

This channel aims at extracting central points of presentations into short clips. The topics cover the problems of leftist ideology and the consequences for society. The aim is to move free speech advocates forward and fight against the culture of SJWs.

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