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300tube CineFix   16 April, 2015

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The defining characteristic of “The Thing” was that the Thing WASN’T defined - it could take on the form of any living thing - quite a demanding creature for a makeup and effects team! Especially with that difibrulator chest chomp scene. SUBSCRIBE:

We’ll take a look at how the Thing was brought to the screen, from the adaptation of the short story by John W. Campbell, to the makeup effects team with an impressive pedigree. We’ll take a moment to appreciate the art created with foam, latex, and re-purposed creamed corn and strawberry jam (with an assist by some really talented puppeteers and cameramen).

What did you think? Did you learn anything new about practical effects of the early 80s? How to use common kitchen ingredients to create realistic alien secretions and viscera? What’s your favorite 80s horror movie? What’s your favorite John Carpenter film? What other iconic film moments would you like to see us explore on future episodes of Art of the Scene?

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