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300tube TheSeventhElement   21 May, 2016

Download youtube For Your Entertainment ~ (Sans Tribute) mp3,mp4,webm,3gp



This goes out to all my fellow sinners out there who love Sans as much as I do. :D I'm kind of new to doing videos like this so forgive me if the timing is a little off in some spots.
Now, before I get a bunch of hate comments, NONE of this art belongs to me.  A lot of the pictures I used have watermarks on them and you can find the original artist under that name on DeviantArt or Tumblr.  That's where I got most of them from.  HOWEVER.  There are a few in here that I'm unsure of the ownership.  They can all be found on Google Images if you're interested in finding them.  I'm sorry, but there are simply too many to credit each one individually.  The song is For Your Entertainment and it belongs to Adam Lambert.
Thanks for watching!  I'm gonna start doing a lot more things like this so subscribe if you're interested.  Toodles!  ^~^