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300tube David Ndung'u   2 April, 2017

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Raila Odinga has rejected election results of his two previous election loses(2007 and 2013). He has refused to take responsibilty for the post election violence of 2007/8 in which more than 1200 Kenyans lost their lives.

His lieutenants are making inflammatory utterances with each passing day yet he defends them.

He has said on more than one occassion that democracy is not given, it is taken.

His actions recently are pointing towards a person willing to let Kenyans die for him to be President- at least for one term (5 years) as he says he would.

He has gone to the streets with supporters to demand the disbandment of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) outside the constitutional framework. This led to the loss of lives as protestors clashed with police in 2016. Businesses in the Nairobi CBD made loses of more than Ksh100 million within a week while many others were looted and innocent civilians mugged by his supporters.

He, despite managing to get new commissioners into office, sent his lawyers to block the award of a ballot tender to a Dubai firm, he also sought to block award of a contract to KPMG to audit the voter register on the grounds that it is not qualified. 

He is now calling for what he has referred to as 'adopt a polling station' strategy in which he wants his party to have 50 agents per polling station in direct contravention of the Elections Act of 2011 which allows for one agent per political party.

All actions by Raila Odinga point to a man not ready for elections and certainly not ready to let Kenya have peace until he becomes Commander in Chief by hook and crook.