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300tube Nintendo   27 November, 2017

Download youtube Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - 'SHADOW OF THE LOWLANDS' Music Video - Nintendo Switch mp3,mp4,webm,3gp


Music / Sound Producer: Yasunori Mitsuda (PROCYON STUDIO)

Read more about Mitsuda-san’s involvement in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 music here:
“The first time that I came across the Irish chorus group ANÚNA was from one of their albums released in 1996, called "Deep Dead Blue". Back then I was totally into the music of Northern Europe, including Finland, Ireland, Scotland and the Mediterranean region. Usually world music consists of a land's distinctive instruments, whereas ANÚNA found their way of expression through the human voice, which can be considered the original musical instrument. The album "Deep Dead Blue" really gave me a huge impression, as the chorus wasn’t like a classical one, nor Gregorian, or Bulgarian… I felt that ANÚNA was a new type of chorus that I’d never heard before. My attention was drawn to the lead singer, Michael McGlynn, and I dreamt about making music with ANÚNA one day. After 20 years, my dream came true through the making of the game Xenoblade Chronicles 2. “ – Yasunori Mitsuda

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