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300tube TheRichest   8 September, 2017

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Mythical Creatures Caught  Roaming In Cities

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Look up there, it’s a bird, it’s a plane – no, it’s actually just a plane. However, superheroes are a big part of our culture thanks to all the comic books and rebooted franchises. While some superpowers are clearly impossible to replicate in the ‘real’ world, we think we might surprise you with some people who are pretty impressive. From Professor X-like mind power to a very real world Iron Man, check out these people who have been caught on camera using their powers.
We’ll start with Daniel Tammet who, although he has hair, is a bit like a real-life Professor Xavier. If you’re looking for someone who can stretch and twist into any shape imaginable then wait until you see Jaspreet Singh Kalra. Tony Stark didn’t have any real superpowers but he did have some crazy gear – just like Richard Browning. Need an action hero with jaws of steel who can chomp through anything? Then be sure to check out Michel Lotito. Strange super-strength and the ability to pull anything with his mouth makes Rathakrishnan Velu stand out among the rest. We can’t find a real Magneto but we may have a close second with Liew Thow Lin. Need a hero who is vigilant and always aware? Then check out Thai Ngoc because he never sleeps. Naturally, any super hero crew needs someone who can control the animals. Kevin Richardson has shown off this power and is known as the Lion Whisperer. Pinpoint eyesight like Hawkeye isn’t a thing of fiction. Just check out Amy Seider to see proof of that. Finally, we’ll need a superhero who can stand up to extreme conditions. Enter Wim Hof, the man who can live in the coldest temperatures without any apparent side effects.

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