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300tube Alexander the Comic   11 August, 2017

Download youtube Jesus, Harris and Tam Chris - Standup Comedy by Alex mp3,mp4,webm,3gp


Hope you enjoy this musical standup act from 'the Yogi and the Bear' show. Musical standup acts are always quite special as they pour in so much energy. I am taking this spirit further in my first solo show 'Alex in Wonderland'. It is a #MusicallyHumorous special.  Schedule and tickets at

Disclaimer: In my standup acts, I provide a comic spin on my personal life experiences. It is intended for light-hearted entertainment and not to offend anyone. Please adjust your interpretation accordingly. My sincere respect and love for all the people and artists I refer to in my acts.

Creative Inputs:  Baggy, Aravind - SA and Chennai's comic bros & sis. 
Executive Production:  Evam Standup Tamasha
Video: Viggy, Kishan, Venkat
Audio: Sridhar
Digital: Divo

~ Alexander Babu
~ Alexander the Comic