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300tube Glam&Gore   20 July, 2017

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I think I owe Guy Tang my first born child for being able to do 6 processes on my hair in one day without me losing any length. He's amazing & his hair videos are really educational and fun- check out his channel here:

After a year of staying brunette, the call of crazy hair colors & play dates with Guy Tang pulled me back in. See where my hair took us after 12 hours.
What's been your favorite color he's done on me so far? (We've done a bright pink/red, turquoise/mint, rose gold, silver and chesnut brown)

I'm trying out a slightly different vlog style than I've done in the past- cutting out most of the slower context and leaving in just the goofy stuff. Let me know if you like this new quick format down below- I had a lot more fun doing it this way and can edit them quicker than the old style so if you like it, I will definitely do more this way!


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