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300tube Ducky Bhai   12 November, 2017

Download youtube WHY I DON'T LIKE SCHOOL, STUDIES AND EDUCATION ? mp3,mp4,webm,3gp


1 like = 1 GPA

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Second Channel►
Snapchat► duckybhai

Game► Story About My Uncle, Doom, COD WWII
Ending Song►


PC Specs►

intel core i5 4670k
8gb RAM
2.5 TB Hard drive
Nvidia GTX 960 4GB EVGA SSC
MSI G43 Motherboard
Custom casing
Lite on DVD super Drive
550 watt power supply

Mic i use► Blue Snowball

Video Editing Software► Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects

Audio Recording Software► Audacity

Time required to make one video► 4-6 days

Internet i used► PTCL 4mb unlimited

Headphones► 100rs Samsung

Keyboard► Old dell

Mouse► Old A4 TECH

Speakers► Colors