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300tube Phora YoursTruly   8 July, 2016

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Peace and blessings to Maverick Sabre and the sampling of his song "I Need", was inspired by him and his track and felt I would put my words to this. This video/song was not intended or used for profit and was used only for putting out a positive message. 

--- So much crazy stuff going on in the world right now. I may not speak on it through social media, but know my heart ACHES for everything going through the terrible things I've been hearing about the past few days. So much negativity and hate in this world, I wish there was something I can do to change it INSTANTLY and everything be great tomorrow, but truth is.... I don't have the answers. And quite honestly, I don't think anyone does. All I know is who I am and what I can do. And spreading love, happiness, and peace is what I've been about for many, MANY years of my life. This world can be CRUEL at times, and it may seem like there isn't any way to fix situations like these, and honestly there may not be. But all I know is deep in my heart, I STILL TRULY BELIEVE that love overpowers hate. As crazy, and as ridiculous as it sounds, I TRULY, TRULY believe that love is what this world needs. As a human being I try and do my part EVERY DAY, but we're all human and I make mistakes and I'm not perfect either. My love and prayers go out to the families and victims who have been affected by these incidents. There are many different ways to look at these situations and it will be an ongoing chaos that won't just end tomorrow.... But I promise for as long as I live, there will be nothing but love in my heart, I have yet to find any ounce of hate in me for another person, although these past few days I think I may have gotten there. We need to uplift each other. We need to try and understand each other as a PEOPLE, instead of judging one another, and looking down on others. People may think that the "peace and love" route, is the weak way to go about things, but we all have our own beliefs, and you don't have to respect mine. All I know is, I'm happy with myself, and it HAS TO START THERE. It has to.... But sometimes we're not able to do that ourselves, so we must learn to uplift EACH OTHER!!!! Every single voice matters. Every single action counts. I wish I had the answers, and I may never have them, but for now, I'll leave you with this song in hopes that I uplift you through these rough, negative, and evil times. Peace, Love, and God Bless. - YOURS TRULY